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RE: [w3c sml][minutes] 2008-01-23 SML F2F in Orlando

From: Wilson, Kirk D <Kirk.Wilson@ca.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 21:29:39 -0500
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To: "Smith, Virginia (HP Software)" <virginia.smith@hp.com>, <public-sml@w3.org>

Apologies; I'm going to be on an airplane for this Thurs conf. call.
However, I would like to comment on the following passage from the

Noah: TAG is sensitive to new ways to reference things on the web that
are not URIs.

John: the content of the SML URI reference scheme *is* a URI

Noah suggests that SML WG send note to TAG describing this.

ACTION: Working group to email TAG explaining that SML uses URIs to
refer to web docs [opened by John Arwe on 2008-01-30] 

The ACTION doesn't quite reflect what I thought the issue was that Noah
was raising.  I don't think the TAG would have any problem with SML
using URIs to refer to web docs, the issue that I believe Noah was
raising was that were opening the possibility of having references on
the Web that were NOT URIs.

As I recall, Noah also mentioned a second potential problem we might
encounter, namely, one regarding the use of EPR as SML references.
(Since EPRs use URIs in the wsa:address, I don't think his preceding
point applies to EPRs.)  The problem with EPRs was that "they" (I'm not
sure who "they" were) promised to use EPRs only for "transitory things,
like cookies."  (Unfortunately, a lot of the standard writers apparently
weren't in on that promise and have stipulated the use of EPRs for
services that provide documents.)

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