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[w3c sml] [EPR Note] Response to Comment #9, Issue 5431

From: Wilson, Kirk D <Kirk.Wilson@ca.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 09:58:28 -0400
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In comment #9 to issue 5431, John provided extensive comments on the
draft of the EPR Note.  Attached is an equally extensively revised
version of the Note.


Principal changes to the note:

1.	More explicit recognition that the Note defines a framework for
defining EPR reference schemes.
2.	Consideration is given to the using the framework in a normative
manner for compliance purposes.
3.	The WS-ResourceFramework reference scheme is defined in much
greater technical detail.  This is partly done to show compliance with
the Framework, but I also realized that I was taking shortcuts that I
should not have been taking (such as using namespace prefixes without
specifying their expected URI).
4.	The discussion of how to treat EPR reference schemes in SML-IF
documents is expanded.  See bugzilla issue 5656 for some changes that I
believe should be made to the SML-IF spec to better help definers of
user-defined reference schemes to understand what is required for
interoperability using such schemes.


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