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[Bug 5606] Update spec to clarify SML reference resolution

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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 20:23:33 +0000
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------- Comment #2 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2008-04-17 20:23 -------
Proposal to change definition of SML Reference as discussed in 4/17 meeting:

SML Reference
An SML Reference is an element with sml:ref="true".

Note: Conceptually, SML references are used to signal a link from
one element in an SML model to another element in the same model.

Also, edited section 4.1.4 to change 'must' to 'MUST' and move the statement
about determining the documents in the model out of the note. It now reads:

4.1.4 SML Reference Target

The node set that a non-null SML reference resolves to is its target. The
target of an SML reference MUST be part of the same SML model as the SML
reference. Null SML references have no target.

The method of determining which documents are part of an SML model is


For example, an SML model may consist of documents listed in a configuration
file or an SML model could be construed as the transitive closure of documents
referred to by any SML references starting from a set of documents known to be
in the model. 
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