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[w3c sml] [EPR Note] New draft

From: Wilson, Kirk D <Kirk.Wilson@ca.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 14:45:38 -0400
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My apologies, I just realized that I had mistakenly sent this revised
draft to the member list rather than the public list.


Here are my original comments on my member email:


Attached is a revised version of the EPR note based on the comments I
received at the F2F.  In particular,
1.  I have tried to make a more explicit distinction between the
protocol binding of the EPR itself (to, e.g, SOAP) and the "service
binding" to a WSDL operation by means of which a document or document
fragment is retrieved through the service.
2.  I think I do a better job of explaining how the examples in
section 2 and section 3 are related.
3.  In section 4, dealing with SML-IF and interoperability, I
eliminated all the stuff that just repeated "the obvious" from the
specification and tried to build a little more on what I understood the
discussion to be from the F2F.  HOWEVER, the new material raises new
requirements on the definition of EPR schemes, including how to resolve
an EPR Reference in the SML-IF document.  I believe we need a similar
discussion as in section 5.3.4 of the SML-IF spec for each EPR Reference
scheme definition.  (For this note I'm NOT going to do that because it
haven't normatively defined any EPR Reference scheme :-).)
4.  I have added a summary section on issues for EPR references
scheme definitions.  Please note, this section needs more editorial
work.  I just jotted down some points. 



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