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defect lifecycle diagram - 2 more cases not covered..

From: Valentina Popescu <popescu@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 16:24:37 -0400
To: "Smith, Virginia (HP Software)" <virginia.smith@hp.com>
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While reviewing defects during today's meeting I realized there are 2 
situations not covered by this diagram 

Usecases not covered :

1. A defect is opened and the originator marks it directly as editorial ( 
I think we agreed to support this scenario for cases where defects are 
clearly minor typos or obvious updates ) 
In this case the defect doesn't go through the 'no keyword' status as 
described by the attached diagram. We should include this into the diagram 
or exclude this option as not acceptable

2. A defect during his lifecycle goes from needsAgreement to 'editorial'
The diagram above suggests that at this stage the editors can work on the 
defect. As I realized in today's meeting, the targetMilestone should also 
be set to the current target ( which depending on the stage of the spec 
can be LC, etc ).  Defects are not supposed to be applied to the spec 
unless the keyword contains 'editorial' AND target is set to 'current 
target' . 
Again, if this is the case then we should update the diagram, if not we 
should state that target milestone field does not matter: as long as the 
keyword contains the 'editorial' string, editors are free to work on that 

This seemed to be so easy at the very beginning :)

Thank you,
Valentina Popescu
IBM Toronto Labs
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"Smith, Virginia (HP Software)" <virginia.smith@hp.com> 
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[w3c sml] ACTION 128 - Updated keyword diagram

Per action 128, I made another pass at the keyword states trying to
consolidate and using a state diagram. The editors have reviewed this.



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