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[Bug 4774] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:54:05 +0000
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------- Comment #17 from sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2007-12-13 17:54 -------
Summary of points that may need WG discussion.

>From comment #9:

2.  In section 4.4, for "schema-incomplete". "A required schema is not included
..." Maybe it's more accurate to say "Some required schema documents *may* not
be included ...".

3.  In the following paragraph "... distinguish between these two cases and
that is not always ...". Suggest to change "and" to "because".

12.  It's not clear to me whether "namespaceBindingType" should also allow
extension points using wildcards.

15.  Maybe it's helpful to have a default value for "schemaComplete":
    <xs:attribute name="schemaComplete" type="xs:boolean"/> becomes
    <xs:attribute name="schemaComplete" type="xs:boolean" default="true"/>

(Really meant for the default to be "false".)

And from comment #14

I believe that the following 2 points from comment# 6 should apply even when a
consumer ignores the <schemaBindings> element.

6 schemaLocation on <include> and <redefined> are resolved using aliases
7 xsi:schemaLocation attributes and schemaLocation on <import> elements are

I am not sure I understand the sentence (from section 5.4.2 Bindings defined)

"Although SML-IF itself does not do so, various uses of SML-IF MAY choose to
extend the sets of documents involved in bindings to include documents not
contained in the interchange set."

[3] Consumers that ignore the <schemaBindings> element:
The spec clearly defines the behavior when consumers choose to use the
<schemaBindings> element. The spec should also define the behavior when a
consumer ignores the <schemaBindings> element.
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