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[Bug 4774] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 09:35:54 +0000
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------- Comment #14 from kumarp@microsoft.com  2007-12-13 09:35 -------
I apologize for reviewing this very late. My observations are:

I believe that the following 2 points from comment# 6 should apply even when a
consumer ignores the <schemaBindings> element.

6 schemaLocation on <include> and <redefined> are resolved using aliases
7 xsi:schemaLocation attributes and schemaLocation on <import> elements are

However, the spec currently defines this behavior only for consumers that
choose to process the <schemaBindings> element.

I am not sure I understand the sentence (from section 5.4.2 Bindings defined)

"Although SML-IF itself does not do so, various uses of SML-IF MAY choose to
extend the sets of documents involved in bindings to include documents not
contained in the interchange set."

I am not necessarily opposing this but I would like to know what this means in
a normative section.

[3] Consumers that ignore the <schemaBindings> element:
The spec clearly defines the behavior when consumers choose to use the
<schemaBindings> element. The spec should also define the behavior when a
consumer ignores the <schemaBindings> element. How is the schema-set formed? I
assume that the ansers is: It is formed using all schemas (embedded or
referenced) in the SML-IF document. This is also related to [1].
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