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[Bug 4675] add text in section 5.3.3 to require that consumers and producers are required to implement at a minimum the uri scheme

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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 21:27:27 +0000
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------- Comment #18 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2007-12-05 21:27 -------
I don't think we should have 2 levels of compliance for SML-IF documents. This
does not help with regard to interoperability which is SML-IF's primary goal.
Rather, this dilutes the interoperability that SML-IF brings to the table.

I propose the following 2 changes:

5.1 Conformance Criteria

A conforming SML-IF Document MUST adhere to this specification as described in
the normative sections. 

A conforming SML-IF Producer MUST be able to generate a conforming SML-IF
Document from an SML model.

A conforming SML-IF Consumer MUST process a conforming SML-IF Document using,
in whole or part, semantics defined by this specification. It is OPTIONAL that
a conforming SML-IF Consumer process all elements defined in this
specification, but any element that is processed MUST be processed in a manner
that is consistent with the semantics defined here. 

Add new section - insert after section 5.2

5.3 SML References

An SML reference can contain multiple representations using different reference
schemes. SML-IF requires that all non-null SML references in the interchange
set MUST contain an SML URI scheme [SML 1.1] representation. Any SML reference
MAY also include other scheme representations as well.
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