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Re: SWUI Workshop at CHI? (was RE: [CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS] CFP CHI 2008: Workshop/Course submissions due 15 June)

From: Roberto García <rogargon@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 16:35:08 +0200
Message-ID: <e56f135c0706040735k2addb48ay9a6b4626a5fe494a@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Anupriya Ankolekar" <anupriya@theoretiker.org>
Cc: public-semweb-ui@w3.org
Hi Anupriya, all,

I think that we can keep the title proposed by Tom, basically because
it is shorter and general enough to include the people-to-people
interaction through data (as an intermediary).

However, I think this is a concept that must be made explicit in the
workshop description and topics because it is the key feature in Web
2.0 and where the SW contribution should be very valuable.

I would also like to propose other facet for the workshop description,
which does not require any title change :-) The idea is to make the
whole thing more appealing to HCI people not used to SW terms, more
concretely Information Architecture (IA) people.

What about presenting the Semantic Web as a way to attain more
expressive and open information architectures. The increased
expressivity is available thanks to ontologies that can be used by the
information systems. Openness is attained thanks to the fact that
ontologies are in the Web (Web Ontologies) and that IAs can be made
available through RDF metadata.

The idea is that open IAs can facilitate mashups (a hot topic) but
also the intra-organisational integration of information coming from
different sources in corporate sites and intrawebs.

What do you think?


Roberto García

PD: I have already added the UCD description to the wiki

On 04/06/07, Anupriya Ankolekar <anupriya@theoretiker.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> >
> >> How about "Human Interaction with and within a Web of socially
> > evolving Data?"
> >
> > On the wiki I've suggested "Human Interaction with the Evolving Web of
> > Data", which I hope captures the Semantic Web angle whilst remaining
> > open to more Web2.0 topics aswell. My (more detailed) rationale for
> > this
> > was: 1) brevity, 2) web data is probably evolving in many
> > dimensions of
> > which social is just one, so lets not restrict ourselves, 3) this form
> > of words allows multiple interpretations (data on the web is evolving,
> > plus the "web of data" is evolving). How does this sound to people?
> I like this one too. However, I feel there are still two aspects to
> SWUI: one is how people interact with data (covered by the current
> title) and the other is how the evolving web of data supports people-
> to-people interaction. This is not covered by the current title, but
> is increasingly the spirit in which most Web 2.0 sites operate and I
> feel is also a necessary direction for SWUI.  Many people are
> interested in better interaction with data, but many many people are
> also interested in richer interaction with each other, supported by
> richer SW data. One only needs consider the discussion and community
> features on many Web 2.0 sites and the immensely popular social
> networking sites. However, this might be too broad for the scope of
> this workshop. :) Any thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Anupriya
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