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<h2>Semantic Web And User Interaction Design Group</h2>

<p>This group explores the issues and challenges faced by users
accessing and interacting with the Semantic Web.  We will work
together to explore the unique opportunities for research and
applications which emerge at the intersection of the semantic web and
user interaction design. To this end participants in the community
will endeavor to reach out to other potentially interested people from
members of the human computer interaction community, from the Semantic
Web community and others, such as the accessibility community,
interested in the area.  </p>

<p> As well as providing a forum for discussion, the group aims by
late 2006 to identify and document both a map of the domain and a set
of research themes/challenges focused on the intersection of the
disciplines. Our findings will be delivered in some form to the 3rd
Interaction Design and the Semantic Web Workshop (planned for November
2006).  </p>

<p> The group is a subgroup of the <a
href="http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/interest/">Semantic Web Interest
Group</a> and is open to all who accept its charter.  </p>

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