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RE: seedling topic list for SWUI06

From: Duane Degler <ddegler@ipgems.com>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 09:40:33 -0400
To: <public-semweb-ui@w3.org>
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Tom and Lloyd,

Lloyd, I think that adopting Tom's suggestion of "personal/social" rather
than "community" might be a more appropriate label - this will umbrella
other future issues like the interactions for agent empowerment/authority,
transparency of social/legal rules being embodied into ontology/reasoning,
and possible social interactions beyond what we generally now think of as
"(online) community."

Tom's point about tasks/goals speaks to one of my ongoing challenge areas:
the *process* of developing semantic tools, data and applications. I see a
real lack of user-centered processes in SW development. One of the things
that user-centered design brings to the party is a framework for
understanding user needs. This includes understanding users' (and in work
settings, their organization's) situation/context of use, goals, tasks,
experience, attitudes, and desired outcomes. I believe that it will be
extremely important to apply UCD methods to achieve usable/successful
outcomes. I also believe that the usability/HCI community is going to need
to take a critical look at existing methods and how they will need to change
to meet the needs of SW design. It's all still a little early/formative - a
future challenge?

I also want to be sure we don't slip into a trap of becoming
"information-seeking-centric" in our view of the SW. The IT community
focuses heavily on transactional applications and data exchange/interaction
that all could (I believe) benefit heavily from semantic enablement. If I
were to go out today to design a claims-handling system for health insurance
claims-handlers and the public, I would be looking closely at how we capture
doctor/patient conversation, diagnosis, treatment progress, patient
awareness/choice of plan/coverage, patient awareness of medical issues,
longitudinal outcomes, processing/eligibility rules, and claim-handler
experience/needs (the list goes on...). We need to inter-weave informing and
transaction semantically, and there are real user interaction challenges in
that arena.

It is possible that there is nothing unique about the SW in all of this...
But the conversation about challenges is very beneficial.


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> Thanks Tom.  I've incorporated your comments in the workshop webpage
> (http://swui.semanticweb.org/swui06/) and in the SWUI SWUI.  
> Details inline.  Here's the changed part of the list:
> # user as author
>      * publishing and sharing
>      * indentity
>      * approachable interfaces
> # community dymanics
>      * trust
>      * privacy
>      * adoption
> SWUI SWUI entry points for the categories above are:
> http://aries.ins.cwi.nl/sesame/explorer/show.jsp?repository=sw
> ui&useLabels=yes&value=%3chttp%3a%2f%2fswui%2esemanticweb%2eor
> g%2fswui%23author%3e
> http://aries.ins.cwi.nl/sesame/explorer/show.jsp?repository=sw
> ui&useLabels=yes&value=%3chttp%3a%2f%2fswui%2esemanticweb%2eor
> g%2fswui%23community%3e
> T.Heath wrote:
> > Hi Lloyd, all,
> > 
> > This is a really interesting list, and a great focal point for the 
> > SWUI community; very encouraging, thanks :) Taking you up on your 
> > offer, I'd like to offer a couple of comments/propose some 
> changes in three areas:
> > 
> > 1. Tasks/Goals -> Search/Browse
> > 2. User as author: publishing/sharing
> > 3. Personal/social challenges brought about by Semantic Web
> > 
> > 1. Tasks/Goals -> Search/Browse
> > I believe the emphasis on search/browse in web usage 
> obscures a real 
> > understanding of the goal of the user. At the same time a 
> semantic web 
> > has the potential to deliver tools that truly support more varied 
> > tasks and activities online; the search engines and point-n-click 
> > hypertext of the conventional web are just one way of 
> seeing the web. 
> > On that basis I think there'd be value in nesting Search and Browse 
> > within a category related to Tasks/Activities in general 
> and how the 
> > user experience of these is changed by a semantic web.
> I think task and goals should perhaps become one of several 
> "horizontal"
> issues that apply to most topics.  The list has other topics 
> to which changes tasks apply: to search, browse, publish, and 
> others.  "New paradigms"
> may apply across topics as well.  Perhaps "approachable" too. 
>  I'll work on this.
> > 2. User as author: publishing/sharing
> > This deserves a category of its own in my view, divorced 
> from the all 
> > but the last of its three subtopics ("approachable interfaces"). 
> > Perhaps nesting Publishing within a broader 
> Tasks/Activities heading 
> > might highlight some commonalities with a tasks/activities 
> viewpoint.
> I agree.  User as author is a top category, with publishing 
> and sharing with in it.
> > 3. Personal/social challenges brought about by Semantic Web The 
> > "trust" and "community dymanics" points currently under "user as 
> > author" have broader applicability in my opinion, and may warrant a 
> > category of their own (perhaps something like "Personal/social 
> > challenges brought about by Semantic Web"). This would allow other 
> > related topics such as privacy and identity on the semantic 
> web to be 
> > encompassed. (aside: SW privacy was even discussed by BBC 
> News after 
> > WWW2006, so this issue will certainly be big in the public mind).
> "Community dynamics" is now a top category, with subcategories.
> Thanks again, Tom.
> -Lloyd
> > Naturally I'd be interested to hear what others think about these 
> > ideas
> > :)
> > 
> > Best wishes,
> > 
> > Tom.
> > 
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