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FHIR RDF ordered list preferences?

From: David Booth <david@dbooth.org>
Date: Wed, 06 May 2015 16:22:15 -0400
Message-ID: <554A77F7.2070805@dbooth.org>
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In defining the RDF representation of FHIR data, we need to maintain 
element ordering in some cases, both because ordering can be 
semantically relevant (such as listing someone's preferred mailing 
address first in a list of addresses), and to support round-tripping of 
FHIR RDF data back to FHIR XML.  Because native rdf:Lists are difficult 
to query in SPARQL, we have talked about using some other list 
representation.  To inform our decision we would like to get input on 
people's preferences.  Here are the options we are considering:

  Ordered List Ontology (OLO)

  Collections Ontology (CO)

  Simple List Conventions (SLC)

To see how these three compare, the Simple List Conventions document at 
http://goo.gl/8PNuAG includes comparisons with OLO and CO, and an 
explanation of the difficulty of using native rdf:Lists in SPARQL.

Please indicate your opinion here:

David Booth
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