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3 Jobs in Automated Reasoning / Bioinformatics / Semantic Software Engineer - Semantic Web Services (IPSNP Computing Inc.)

From: Chris Baker <denguehost@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 22:00:31 -0400
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Cc: Chris Baker <chris.baker@ipsnp.com>, Alexandre Riazanov <alexandre.riazanov@ipsnp.com>
IPSNP is Hiring - http://ipsnp.wikidot.com/jobs

Bioinformatics / Cheminformatics Research Engineer Tasks
* Designing and programming SADI Semantic Web services for various
biomedical databases, nomenclatures, ontologies and bioinformatic
* Designing, conducting and documenting case studies with IPSNP's
Hydra query engine for SADI Web services.
* Research in knowledge representation principles for various
biomedical domains and practical development of ontologies and rule
bases for them.
* Facilitate and lead pilot studies with technology partners,
including, small Biotech companies and a multinational Pharmaceutical
* Year 2 responsibilities: training and coordinating more junior
Bioinformaticians, software developers and knowledge engineers.

Software Engineer Tasks
* Development of core modules of IPSNP's Hydra query engine for SADI
Semantic Web services.
* Development of components of user interfaces for semantic querying
and browsing.
* Development of infrastructure for testing and benchmarking IPSNP's software.
* Development of SADI Semantic Web services for bioinformatics,
cheminformatics and text/string processing.

Automated Reasoning Engineer Tasks
* Development of a specialized reasoning engine as a core component of
IPSNP's query engine for SADI Semantic Web services.
* Design and implementation of other components of the query engine,
related to the processing of RDF, OWL and SPARQL, and or rule
* Design and implementation of other components of the query engine,
related to the discovery and invocation of SADI services.

Professor - Christopher J. O. Baker Ph. D.
Dept. Computer Science and Applied Statistics
University of New Brunswick, Canada
Google Scholar http://tinyurl.com/7lmyngx
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