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Re: Spreadsheet to RDF then RDF visualizer utilities?

From: Robert Stanley <rstanley@io-informatics.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 13:43:51 -0800
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To: <Peter.Hendler@kp.org>, <eric@w3.org>
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Hi Peter,

I think you may a find a match for your use case in our / IO Informatics'  
Knowledge Explorer (KE). You can download a KE Personal version as a stand  
alone app for windows machines. If you go to www.io-informatics.com you'll  
see a download link on the homepage.

KE offers other functions like ontology picking, modifying, merging; merging  
data sets, visual SPARQL creation; drill-out to NCBO, SPARQL endpoints and  
other resources;  scripting; etc. We also have a Pro version that works with  
SDBs, supports reasoning and other enterprise functions, but in any case  
we've really focused on making RDF conversion and visualization simple. 

There's a tutorial in the Help menu that addresses your use case. If you try  
it, feel free to email or call me with any questions or feedback.

Hope this helps!


Bob Stanley
IO Informatics

Office (510) 705-8470
Mobile (510 390-4810

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Subject: Spreadsheet to RDF then RDF visualizer utilities?

What are some recommended simple "probably stand alone or work on one 
machine" utilities for converting spreadsheet data to RDF.  And then once 
that file is on disk, to visualize it as a graph?
This would be for HL7 and CIMI where we'd be entering "clinical models" 
directly into a spreadsheet, and then want to compare models made by 
different people.

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