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From: Kees van Bochove <kees@thehyve.nl>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 09:53:28 +0200
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To: Kees van Bochove <kees@thehyve.nl>
Dear W3C HCLSIG taskforce members,

Over the past weeks I have tried to set up a face to face meeting for the
Scientific Discourse and BioRDF taskforces. I was unable to pin a
date/location for a full day with enough attendants, however, I propose to
have two meetups during ISMB 2011 (Austria Center, Vienna):

* For those of you attending the ISMB SIG meeting Bio-Ontologies 2011, I
propose to do a meet-and-greet during the coffee break on July 15, 3:15,
Hall M, after the presentations of a.o. Paolo Ciccarese and Susanna-Assunta
* Also I propose to meet during lunch on Monday July 18, let's assemble at
1:00pm in Lounge 1 for that.

Please feel free to write down my mobile phone number as a means of contact
for the purpose of these meetups. Also, if you send me an e-mail when you
plan to be there, I know who to expect.

Kind regards,

Kees van Bochove

Taskforce leader metabolomics and study capture
Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre - BioAssist <kees@thehyve.nl>

E kees@thehyve.nl
T +31(0)30 700 9713
M +31(0)6 10 83 53 64
Skype keesboston

the hyve
organizes & visualizes your bioinformatics data
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