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Linking Open Drug Data (LODD) 2009-05-13 Meeting Record

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 12:14:07 -0400
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13 May 2009

   [2]irc record


          EricP, bosse, Anja, junzhao, oktie





     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]bosse's report
         2. [5]jun's report
         3. [6]oktie's report
         4. [7]triplification challenge
     * [8]Summary of Action Items

bosse's report

   anja: did bosse have time to answer the pharma ontology group
   ... matthias as loaded them into a SPARQL endpoint
   ... we're now translating the questions into SPARQL

   bosse: didn't find the appropriate data for the question that i got
   from the last call
   ... will return to this question. some of the answers should be in
   ... will work on questions that come this week from pharma ont

jun's report

   anja: we're trying to link junzhao and kei's datasets

   junzhao: i think my question can be rephrased "are their alternatives
   that interact with a particular set of genes"
   ... as it stands, we don't have sufficient context
   ... would be interesting to see chemical compounds shared with western
   drugs and natural alternatives
   ... that question is more complex (fuzzy) than the others

   anja: queries taking 18hrs/failing
   ... trying locally

oktie's report

   OktieH: these [9]questions aren't in my area of expertise

   anja: perhaps you find something related to Linked Clinical Trials

   OktieH: concearned about the use cases

   <junzhao> do you mean this page?

   OktieH: most of them are not use cases for linked data, they are use
   cases for a web of documents
   ... the URLs are to HTML pages

   <OktieH> Cloud: [11]http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLSIG/LODD/Business

   anja: the uses cases in the paper were about finding at alternate drug
   names and consituant compounds from web pages

   bosse: could you [OktieH] write down in the wiki how you'd like the
   use cases modified?

   OktieH: for most of these, we already have linked data for many of
   these sources

   ACTION: OktieH to ground use case (question) pages with links to
   existing linked data

triplification challenge

   <OktieH> [12]http://triplify.org/Challenge/2009

   <OktieH> The deadline is changed to June 30th

   anja: we need a use cases that leans on triples instead of HTML pages

   OktieH: yes, that could distinquish us from the other submissions

   anja: how important is the schema to the triplification challenge?

   OktieH: the thing that helped us get the prize was the metadata
   ... but this is not new this year
   ... we should work on factoring our data to finding common schemas

   anja: should we use the same schema, or annotate equivalent

   OktieH: i think it's nice if we use shared ontologies where possible

   junzhao: i caution against working too hard on sharing schemas
   ... prefer to focus on use cases and SPARQL queries

   anja: OktieH, please record questions that cross your mind while
   addressing the use case

   OktieH: perhaps folks more familiar with the domain can help with the
   use cases
   ... perhaps we should focus on fixing links
   ... there are some folks working on user ingerfaces which benefit
   folks more familiar with the domain than linked data concepts

   anja: is anyone trying to test their UI witcP> OktieH: doesn't look
   good for the project
   ... could use a temporary discussion page before placing in the use
   case page

   ericP: i propose continuing to record the use cases in the wiki page,
   but annotating each with it's maturity level [ACCEPTED]

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: OktieH to ground use case (question) pages with links to
   existing linked data

   [End of minutes]

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