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Productivity Gains enabled by ICT and KM Support Systems

From: Barry Hardy <barry.hardy@vtxmail.ch>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:22:06 +0200
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Next month at Bryn Mawr (15-16 October) we return to the topic of ICT 
and KM in R&D with our InnovationWell Community of Practice discussions 
by taking a look at existing ICT solutions supporting R&D activities 
including the increasing deployment of Collaborative electronic Research 
& Development (CeR&D) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) systems.  
We will additionally explore the emerging roles and impact of approaches 
emanating from semantic web research, social software, web services and 
utility computing and Web 2.0/3.0 that are complimentary with structured 
IT systems to enable increased productivity and innovation success 
within the context of the ever increasing importance of collaboration 
within and between organisations working in increasingly networked 
global research initiatives and projects.  Cross-disciplinary thinking 
from fields such as organisational development and culture, cognitive 
science and innovation management will I maintain play key influencing 
roles on future integrating architectures supporting knowledge 
management, transfer and sharing to enable the hoped-for productivity 
gains of executives, and these factors should add spice to our 
conversations on technology-supporting frameworks for innovative and 
collaborative R&D success.

The workshop at Bryn Mawr will have a strong emphasis on peer-to-peer 
discussions with each workshop session involving a facilitated Knowledge 
Café discussion. On Monday evening we will have a Knowledge Dinner with 
good food and conversation menus at the Alumni House, whereas on Tuesday 
evening we will have a poster session, drinks reception and buffet 
dinner in Thomas Great Hall.

For Poster Presentations, you can present as a traditional poster or 
setup a computer-based presentation of software for discussion.  
Wireless and Internet connectivity are available. Abstracts ca. 300-500 
words should be sent to me.

We will discuss and share experiences with current information and 
communications technology (ICT) supporting R&D, to discuss current 
requirements and short term needs with electronic laboratory notebook 
(ELN) systems, collaboration support and knowledge tools supporting R&D, 
and to create a shared vision and roadmap for next generation knowledge 
management (KM) support systems. A wiki will be opened prior to the 
workshop to commence group documentation of supporting materials and to 
help to populate the workshop program with introductory materials, 
suggestions, ideas and experiences.  The wiki will continue to be 
available after the workshop for supporting continuing interactions in 

Presentations to seed Discussions

Dimitris K. Agrafiotis, Vice President of Informatics, Johnson & Johnson 
Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC; The ABCD ELN: Towards a 
Fully Integrated Discovery Enterprise

Frank Guerino, CEO, TraverseIT; Semantic-based Frameworks for Enterprise 
Content Management

Carl Elkin, Principal Scientist, Schering-Plough; Building Knowledge 
Infrastructure: A Bottom-up Wiki in a Large Company

David Gilmour, CEO, Tacit; Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing - Implications 
for Enterprise Knowledge Management

Alex Heiphetz, CEO, Delta L Training; Training Simulations and Metrics 
in Second Life

Marisol Wesson, CEO, TMS; Enterprise Knowledge Portals and Application 
Integration for supporting Collaboration

Richard Lysakowski, President, CENSA; Collaborative eR&D - Vision and 
Strategy to Product Realities

Jeff Spitzner, CSO, Rescentris; Research Knowledge Management for the 
Post-ELN Era: Envisioning a Multi-Scale 'Scientist's Desktop' with 
Unified Information Services, Management and Collaboration

Gladys Range, Consulting Engineer; GVR Systems Automation, Semantic 
Knowledge Infrastructures and Services for R&D

Program (as pdf download):  

More Information at: 

best regards

Barry Hardy, PhD
Douglas Connect
Tel: +41 61 851 0170
Blog: http://barryhardy.blogs.com/theferryman/
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