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Meeting Record: BioRDF 29 Oct 2007

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 20:30:42 -0400
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29 Oct 2007

   See also: [2]IRC log


          EricP, Kei, Matthias, Don, Alan, Jonathan

          Scott Marshall




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]SfN Poster Update - Don
         2. [5]URI Note Integration - Jonathan
         3. [6]UPDATE on KB Extension - Alan
         4. [7]ISWC BOF - ericP
     * [8]Summary of Action Items

SfN Poster Update - Don

     * [9]Current SfN Poster

   I am leaving for the neuroscience meeting on Saturday.

   Don: Hopefully, this will be the last update.

   Matthias: screenshot can be made?

   alanr: Can we add to credits: Tom Stambaugh, affiliation: Zeetix LLC

   Don: A query against 12 datasets. It seems to be a good number of
   datasets. Neuroscientists are interested in finding genes involved in
   signal transduction in pyramidal neuron. Go into pubmed articles.
   Triples in KB. Pattern matching shown in the Triple graph. Data flow
   diagram. Blue boxes are static db's, green circles are process (not a
   UML model). Properties (instead of predicates) are used for
   consistency sake. Use aliases for URI's.

   Alan: it would be helpful if a link to down the pdf version poster can
   be made available to people.

   Kei: The poster looks good. It shows how different modules are
   connected and integrated each other.

   Alan: The higher resolution, the better. Tom Stambaugh who gave a
   pointer to google map demo, we might want to give him credit.

   Don: will leave for the neuroscience meeting on Saturday.

URI Note Integration - Jonathan

   Jonathan: It's almost ready. Thurs or HCLS conference (or shortly
   after), he will send out the email as a homework for the f2f meeting.
   At f2f meeting, people will discuss more. After the meeting, the notes
   will be put up on the w3c site for formal distribution.

   <ericP> Don, we may need to put this picture on the web and send a
   pointer to public-semweb-lifesci (maximum attachment size). Give me a
   call (+1.617.599.3509) if there are problems.

   Jonathan: HTTP vs LSID comparison was made. stays neutral in the HTTP
   vs. LSID debate.

   alan: we try not to use an extra piece of software to dereference the
   object. People should give resolver's space. Other people are welcome
   to give their suggestions/opinions.

   EricP: Is it a recommendation?

   Jonathan: not a protocol nor a recommendation.

   Alan: interaction is important.

   Jonathan: I asked Matthias for a review earlier.

   Matthias: not much progress has been made.

   Alan: suggest that Matthias give some feedback by Thursday.
   ... Is EricP on the review team?

   Jonathan: people should look at the figure.

UPDATE on KB Extension - Alan

     * [10]latest draft
     * [11]OWLIM
     * [12]BigOWLIM

   Alan: I sent a note to OWLIM. to follow up with them in terms of
   large-scale reasoning. See if they can try the HCLS KB.
   ... Attended a bio-workshop. Potential there.
   ... Attended a NIF meeting on Oct 19. DB mediation system was
   demonstrated, mapping to Relational DB's. Map fields/values to the
   system. The mapping specification file may be turned into D2RQ
   (federated databases). SenseLab conversion was followed up Kei
   introduced Alan to Luis Marenco (database architect of SenseLab).
   ... anybody looking at clinical data?
   ... meeting update?

   Matthias: PDSP KI database was converted into OWL.

   Alan: Regarding meeting update, two 15 minutes demos/presentations
   from the share project.

   EricP: Saturday meeting? update of the registration. getting

   Jonathan: w3c budget? 10-12 people max. on Saturday. It'd be better to
   leave informal. If there is a need to meet, people can meet at some

ISWC BOF - ericP

   Eric: Tried to reach out to Japanese groups, but they wanted to meet
   closer to home. Carole Goble may join.

   Alan: we should look out for triplestore technologies to see if they
   want to load up the HCLS datasets.
   Regarding WWW2008, a proposal for a workshop was submitted.
   Also, a proposal for tutorial is being prepared, which is designed to
   teach contents and technologies.
   Susie, Alan, EricP, and others are included in the tutorial proposal.
   The proposal is due Nov. 1.
   Finally, for BioIT World, a workshop is being organized there.

Summary of Action Items

   [CONTINUTED] ACTION: AlanR to look at F2F schedule and propose
   schedule change [recorded in
   [CONTINUTED] ACTION: EricP (with Jonathan) to schedule mtg with TAG
   [recorded in
   [CONTINUTED] ACTION: EricP to check with admin to see if it is
   possible for Ronan Fox DERI rep to attend both days and Bron Kisler
   for Friday [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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