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Re: BioRDF Telcon

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:15:46 -0500
Cc: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org
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I used my irc log and a little creative irc log editing to generate
minutes for the 19Nov call. My insertions into the irc log
<http://www.w3.org/2007/11/19-biordf-irc> are credited to <X>. The
record is missing the participant list. I took the topics from the
agenda below:

* Susie M Stephens <STEPHENS_SUSIE_M@LILLY.COM> [2007-11-16 17:25-0500]
> == Agenda ==
>  * Meeting Updates (ISWC BOF, WWW2008) - Susie
>  * URI note - Jonathan
>  * Knowledgebase extensions - Alan
>  * Clinical data set assessment - All
>  * AOB


                                  HCLS BioRDF

19 Nov 2007



          Don_Doherty, Dave_Booth, Adrian_Paschke




     * [2]Topics
         1. [3]Meeting Updates (ISWC BOF, WWW2008) - Susie
         2. [4]Knowledgebase extensions - Alan
         3. [5]URI note - Jonathan
         4. [6]Clinical data set assessment - All
     * [7]Summary of Action Items

Meeting Updates (ISWC BOF, WWW2008) - Susie

     * [8]WWW2008 HCLS Workshop
     * [9]HCLS Conference Possibilities

   Susie: ISWC BOF appeared to go well.

   Susie: Not much of an update on WWW2008

   Susie: workshop proposal accepted for WWW2008
   ... we could have a special BMC Bioinformatics issue with a selection
   of workshop papers

   Susie: Alan submitted a tutorial proposal - still waiting to hear back
   on that
   ... we should keep our eyes peeled for events where we can spread the
   word about HCLS activities

Knowledgebase extensions - Alan

     * [10]HCLS/Neurocommons knowledge base sources and terms

   Alan: adding primitives to the database to make SPARUL queries

   <alanr> Adriane is adding primitives to PROVA

   Susie: Adrian would be interested in hearing updates about people's day
   ... What do others think of this?

   <alanr> +1

   Alan/Susie: it would probably work out generally better for people with
   academic jobs

   Jonathan: Taking on advice on how to credit people (see above URL)

   Susie: It would be nice to put out information on W3C's semantic web
   activities pages in addition to HCLS pages

   Jonathan: Some files that have been loaded in the triple store are
   tarballs, some are OWL RDF/XML.

   Kei: Should we try to release some files separately?
   ... There are some people that might want to perform their own
   conversion and want access to the relational tables.

   Susie: It sounds like SenseLab and similar data would want to release
   data in tabular format from their own websites.

URI note - Jonathan

   Susie: Anything new on the URI note?

   Jonathan: Took a small vacation from that. Still digesting extensive
   discussion with Michel Dumontier.

   Susie: Jonathan has been elected to TAG.

Clinical data set assessment - All

     * [11]ComparaGRID -- Building a ComparaGrid DataPublisher
     * [12]ComparaGRID -- Integrating genomic data across species

   Susie: next meeting, skip next week?

   Alan/Olivier: Can't make Dec. 3

   Alan: What should we attempt to do before the end of the charter?

   Susie: Would like to consolidate KB and make progress on URI note

   Alan: Is it possible to talk about the SenseLab format next week?

   Kei: Will look into availability of Matthias and Louise

   <jar> susie, please put doc process url into the chat

   Alan: What are the document format requirements and who will do it
   ... I think that if we can get some editing help..

   ACTION: Alan, Scott, Susie to write up a W3C Note on the KB

   ACTION: Kei to see if Matthias and Louis Marenco can present next week
   on SenseLab

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: Alan, Scott, Susie to write up a W3C Note on the KB
   [NEW] ACTION: Kei to see if Matthias and Louis Marenco can present next
   week on SenseLab

   [End of minutes]

    Minutes formatted by David Booth's [13]scribe.perl version 1.128
    ([14]CVS log)
    $Date: 2007/11/20 00:06:40 $


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