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Meeting Record 1 Nov HCLSIG

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 20:35:45 -0400
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org
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               Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences IG

1 Nov 2007

   See also: [2]IRC log


          Eric Neumann



     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]URI Note
         2. [5]f2f invitations
         3. [6]HCLS demo
         4. [7]f2f Goals
     * [8]Summary of Action Items

   next call: 15 november, chari: Tonya, scribe: Eric_Neumann

URI Note

     * [9]current working draft
     * [10]longer term working draft

   jar: goal: get HCLS to bless a URI note
   ... shoorting for end of Dec when charter expires
   ... missing probably not a disaster
   ... need this group to decide to put up a draft
   ... will continue to work in situ
   ... needs a week to meet publishing practice
   ... needs TOC and refs

   <alanr> :)

   jar: also have list of 50-60 little things to do before pub
   ... e.g. align with other document terminology

   ACTION: jar to announce URI Note to hcls list on Monday [recorded in

   jar: would like folks to look at the doc before Fri
   ... will do a presentation at f2f
   ... would like WG to decide (at f2f) to publish subject to finite
   modification list

   eneumann: would like folks to think about this being an HCLS document

   jar: i would expect 2-3 round of review between 9Nov and 31Dec

   eneumann: shall we contact the comm team and do a press release?

   Susie: could write a blog on the homepage (picked up by PlanetRDF so it
   gets some visibility)

   eneumann: do you think IUPAC would consider this note for identifiers
   in the chem domain?

   tnbhat: i am working woth Royal Society of (for?) Chemistry
   ... [X] seems to like our way of doing this [assigning identifiers]
   ... need a rule based approach to be appropriately scalabale
   ... in that way, INCHI helps

   eneumann: we want to circle back with these orgs at the appropriate

   tnbaht: will contact [Y] when i have more work done on the protien

   jar: the URI note talks about good practice -- very meta

   current plan: jar will edit URI Note in situ and we will copy out only
   when we publish

   <jar> doc is highly labile. don't read it this weekend

   <jar> read it on monday

   eneumann: y'all, please read the note

   <jar> yes, do read it, but wait until monday so that everyone's
   reviewing the same version. i will be pushing out 1-2 new versions
   daily until monday

   <jar> status of TAG scheduling situation: Stuart put a query out on Oct
   29 asking generally who could/couldn't make it on Mon or Tue. Answers
   from Raman and me. No further traffic so far. So not known whether it's
   to be thursday, mon, or tues.

f2f invitations

     * [12]COI (f2f) Agenda
     * [13]HCLS F2F Agenda
     * [14]JANUS
     * [15]CRIX JANUS page
     * [16]caBIG Reporting and Sharing
     * [17]Yahoo Events W3C Technical Plenary Week page

   vipul: moving towards a motivating proof of concept
   ... based on reg info, i've characterized the list of participants
   ... goal is to get buy-in from them and move on to the next step
   ... all participants are equal, but some are more equal than others
   ... would saying so violate W3C rules?

   ericP: no, but it helps to justify your choices

   alanr: moderator can encourage health care providers to give input

   vipul: a fellow from seimmans (SP?)
   ... energy from Cisco. any contacts at W3C?

   ericP: only know of video players at Cisco

   [Susie expressed knowledge of Cisco hc activity]

   ACTION: eneumann to contact Robert Vanmanen from Face Forward [recorded
   in [18]http://www.w3.org/2007/11/01-hcls-minutes.html#action02]

   vipul: also heard from marcus collins

   <Susie> It's Robert Van Manen from Phase Forward

   vipul: [Z] from CDISK will miss Thu

   alanr: Mike Bevil (Merck) may get someone to come

   <jar> ericp, fwiw, i think i'm supposed to tell vipul how to
   recategorize science commons for his coi wiki page - i think this is an
   action item

   vipul: start with introduction (ericN and Tonya)
   ... use case (30 mins): where semweb can help with patient recruitment
   ... use case will be presented by Rachel
   ... followed by detailed clinical model
   ... chimezie will present his semantic @@ system
   ... @@
   ... round table brainstorming session
   ... hit on 3:
   ... .. resources commitments
   ... .. getting de-identified patient data

   ACTION: Vipul to contact Steven Dobsen of Pfizer [recorded in

   <mscottm> Isn't Pfizer in Boston?

   <alanr> some

   vipul: .. deveoper resources (like science commons did for the Banff

   Susie: agenda looks wonderful. could you link it in?

   ACTION: vipul to link main f2f agenda page to COI agenda page [recorded
   in [20]http://www.w3.org/2007/11/01-hcls-minutes.html#action04]

   alanr: let's spread out during breaks and collect ideas

   ACTION: vipul to send notes and/or phone desired contacts [recorded in

   vipul: will be putting up slides on agenda wiki
   ... please comment as to wether they address benifits to stakeholders

   eneumann: did you consider the JANUS project?

   <Susie> [22]Jeff Rideout is the guy I came across at Cisco

   ACTION: eneumann to ask Mark Vermette to show up [recorded in

   alanr: make sure you Cc: amy@w3.org so she can register anyone you

   vipul: need a local for brainstorming session

   ericP: bar, resto, Stata Center (1.1 miles)

   we may be meeting the TAG at this time

   vipul: feel free to change the wiki. (try not to delete stuff)

   <alanr> Do we want to ask John Barkley?

   <alanr> Wasn't he at NIST?

   ACITON: ericP to check with Amy to see if it's useful for W3C to
   request a restaurant res for 10 people

   <alanr> I worry 10 will be too few unless invitations are managed

   Susie: Jeff Rideout manages internet solution business groups

   <alanr> 7 people are on vipul's list already, and that only includes a
   couple of invitees

   Susie: Kevin Dean is the interim health care guy

HCLS demo

   alanr: weekend project is to prepare that presentation

f2f Goals

   vipul: i want to buy in and push the use case all the way to PoC

   alanr: might be difficult in a half day
   ... getting folks interested in talking next week might be good enough
   ... pushing may result in nodding agreement

   eneumann: anyone want to get together early on thu? or shall we wait
   'till after lunch...

   alanr: AC meeting is that AM. eneumann, alanr, ericP, Susie, Vipul
   likely to be at AC

   <jar> busy until noon, available for lunch

   alanr: could meet for b'fast

   <alanr> jar @ AC too, for SC


Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: eneumann to ask Mark Vermette to show up [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: eneumann to contact Robert Vanmanen from Face Forward
   [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: jar to announce URI Note to hcls list on Monday [recorded
   in [26]http://www.w3.org/2007/11/01-hcls-minutes.html#action01]
   [NEW] ACTION: Vipul to contact Steven Dobsen of Pfizer [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: vipul to link main f2f agenda page to COI agenda page
   [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: vipul to send notes and/or phone desired contacts
   [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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