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From: Roderic Page <r.page@bio.gla.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 18:38:45 +0100
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I've put together a web site called http://bioguid.info which, rather  
grandly, is an attempt to bootstrap the biodiversity Semantic Web by  
providing resolvable URIs for biological objects, such as publications,  
taxonomic names, nucleotide sequences, and specimens.

These URIs (or "GUIDs") can be resolved by a web browser to display  
HTML, but under the hood are resolved to RDF (which you can see by  
viewing the source of the web page you get for a URI).

The web interface is really window dressing, I just wanted a way to  
display RDF that wouldn't frighten people (me included). For some URIs  
all I do is grab XML and reformat it (e.g., DOIs). For GenBank records,  
all manner of agony is involved in trying to extract specimen and  
publication links.

A good place to get a sense of what bioguid.info is about is to start  
with this Pubmed record: http://bioguid.info/pmid:17079492. From this,  
you can get a list of sequences. If you click on one of those, you'll  
see a link to a specimen, which you can then look at. For some  
specimens there are maps, you'll need Firefox 1.5, Camino, Webkkit, or  
a browser with a SVG plugin for the full effect (e.g.,  

What I'm trying to do generate enough RDF that can be linked together  
to start building applications that can start with a publication, an  
from that navigate through sequences, specimens, and evolutionary trees  
(or do the reverse, given a locality recover sequences and  

It's a toy, but I'd welcome any comments. There's some related  
commentary on http://www.nodalpoint.org/2007/03/21/bioguid_info



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