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Re: Inspiration for the WWW HCLSIG demo

From: Mark Montgomery <markm@kyield.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 06:56:25 -0700
Message-ID: <00c201c74b88$ecc61b30$a100a8c0@Inspiron>
To: "John Barkley" <jbarkley@nist.gov>, "W3C HCLSIG hcls" <public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org>

It's a brilliant demo, but I would caution on a couple of items from the 
long-term mega-disciplinary perspective on knowledge systems.

It's fine for a relatively small percentage of passionate folks largely from 
government, academia, and a few giant vendors to contribute time and energy 
as it nearly perfectly aligns with their org's mission, so no conflict 
exists. Not so for the majority to include many brilliant people worldwide 
(my guess would be clear majority).

So functionality is fine to demonstrate, but the key to adoption in sharing 
knowledge and collaborating eventually also means providing a sustainable 
economic ecosystem. Call it severe lessons learned from an applied lab in k 
systems during web 1.0. The reason we took a holistic approach long ago in 
Kyield is because we found in testing more than a decade ago that each 
component, or ingredient in the recipe, was indeed essential without which 
the entire meal fails. Relying on Karma hasn't proven to be terribly wise in 
terms of sharing knowledge on the Internet.

At the time the technical standards and middleware did not provide even the 
possibility of solving the problems we faced- now at least it's possible. So 
fine to rethink copyrights etc.- IP does need reform, but suggest we do so 
from the perspective of not only not being paid to share knowledge, but 
paying for the pleasure when other needs are not being met, which is a much 
more realistic lens to view these issues relative to mass adoption over the 
longer term.

.02- MM

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From: "John Barkley" <jbarkley@nist.gov>
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Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 4:48 AM
Subject: Re: Inspiration for the WWW HCLSIG demo

>> Now that's a demo script!   ;-)
> To be sure!
> Hopefully, our demo will also show that people are "sharing ... 
> collaborating"
> using knowledge representations, not just information representations
> (and, incidentally, that for representing knowledge, OWL/RDF is superior
> to other methods).
> jb
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> From: "William Bug" <William.Bug@DrexelMed.edu>
> To: "Joanne Luciano" <jluciano@genetics.med.harvard.edu>
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> Subject: Re: Inspiration for the WWW HCLSIG demo
> Now that's a demo script!   ;-)
> That's a real classic.
> If we could produce a 15 minute demo that can communicate on the targeted 
> HCLS goals even 1% the information content of what that presentation 
> distilled into 4 minutes, we'll have achieved a significant triumph!
> Thanks for the wonderfully entertaining link, Joanne.
> BTW - did anyone hear today that (according to SlashDot) apparently 
> Canadian legislators have voiced their plans to cede authority over access 
> to web bandwidth & content to the telecommunication & cable companies - 
> that they apparently see little need for the Canadian version of "Net 
> Neutrality"?
> http://www.cbc.ca/cp/business/070206/b0206149A.html
> http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/1664/125/
> I guess we had all better enjoy our relatively unfettered access to 
> YouTube and to NCBI resources now, while we still can.
> Cheers,
> Bill
> On Feb 7, 2007, at 9:56 PM, Joanne Luciano wrote:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nk0EOE
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