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From: Rachel Richesson <Rachel.Richesson@epi.usf.edu>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 14:57:08 -0400
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I have been watching the email list serves from this group for a bit,
and now I have some recent schedule changes that now permit me to become


I want to provide a quick introduction to myself. I work at University
of South Florida in a research capacity. Our group provides design
expertise, statistical support, and acts as a data center for a variety
of clinical research networks and
(http://usfpeds.hsc.usf.edu/divisions/biopec/index.htm ) multi-site
studies. We support a number of clinical trials: most
investigator-initiated, some industry sponsored. I am focused on
selecting and implementing data standards (usually in the form of
controlled terminologies) for a broad collection of clinical and
population-based studies.  I have been involved in various standards
groups, including CDISC, to understand current and evolving standards
and requirements for regulatory reporting. I am familiar with the SDTM
and related terminology issues under discussion at the current time.


My background in terminologies, awareness of current data standards and
outstanding issues, and broad familiarity with clinical research data
and requirements should be an asset to the some of your projects,
including the one described by Vipul at:
http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLS/OntologyTaskForce/BIONTDSEDCM . I am
particularly interested in working with this project.  (I have already
taken the liberty to narrow the scope a bit and provide some changes to
the Wiki document...)


I have no direct experience with the technical or implementation aspects
of semantic web languages, although I have been an avid reader on the
subject for several years. I am happy to share a poster I presented at
AMIA (American Medical Informatics Assn) in 2002. It describes a
use-case in public health surveillance, and might serve as inspiration
for future activities in the group:

I look forward to getting involved in some fun projects and discussion. 




Rachel Richesson, PhD, MPH
Informaticist and Assistant Professor
Pediatrics Epidemiology Center
USF College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
3650 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33612
Office: (813) 396-9522
Fax: (813) 396-9601 or (813) 910-5922
Email: richesrl@epi.usf.edu <mailto:richesrl@epi.usf.edu> 

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