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Propose task: Distributed self-publishing of Experiments

From: AJ Chen <anjun.chen@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 18:07:30 -0700
Message-ID: <445FEB52.8090208@sbcglobal.net>
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org
I'm very excited about the vision described in the Knowledge Cycle task 
force. It's my believe that the semantic web technologies will 
eventually empower individual researchers to share and exchange research 
information in new way that was not possible before. I would like to 
propose a specific task for the Knowledge Cycle task force that could be 
implemented in a short period of time.

Propose task: Distributed self-publishing of experiments


   1. Ontology for publishing projects and experiments.  There are some
      domain-specific ontologies, such as microarray experiment
      ontology, already existed today.  This task is intended to develop
      a general purpose ontology for describing projects and experiments
      in such a way that search and comparison of components of
      experiments is possible.
   2. A test data set that built from publicly available experiment
      information.  Ideally, if we can get a dozen labs to participate
      in, we can also include real time experiment information from
      distributed sources.
   3. A demo server for aggregating experiments from distributed sources
      (i.e. research labs) that have their experiments published in RDF
      format using the ontology developed by this task. 
   4. A semantic search engine for searching and comparing projects and

Use cases:

   1. Any individual researcher can publish his or her project and
      experiment in RDF format. Because data in such format can be
      searched by semantic web search engine, it offers a new channel
      for data sharing that will accelerate scientific discovery as well
      as increase researchers' visibility.
   2. Anyone can search for projects and experiments at various property
      levels. Compared to traditional literature search, this semantic
      search engine will provide much more relevant information.

Requirements: The task requires at least one person experienced in 
designing/developing ontology and one person to implement the RDF data 
store and search engine. I would be interested in doing implementation.
Welcome any comments.
AJ Chen, PhD
Bioinformatics Software Developer
Received on Wednesday, 10 May 2006 18:27:51 UTC

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