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{Disarmed} Gyri of the human neocortex: an MRI-based analysis of volume and variance -- Kennedy et al. 8 (4): 372 -- Cerebral Cortex

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One example of why you want to use the same neuroanatomical ontology  
as the practicing neuroanatomists do. (See citing papers.)
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Cerebral Cortex

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Cerebral Cortex
Volume 8, Number 4
Pp. 372-384
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Cerebral Cortex, Vol 8, 372-384, Copyright © 1998 by Oxford  
University Press


Gyri of the human neocortex: an MRI-based analysis of volume and  

DN Kennedy, N Lange, N Makris, J Bates, J Meyer and VS Caviness Jr
Department of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard  
Medical School, Boston 02114, USA. dave@cma.mgh.harvard.edu

This magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based morphometric analysis of  
cortical topography in the human brain is based upon the segmentation  
and parcellation of volumetric T1-weighted MRI data for a set of 20  
young adult brains including 10 males and 10 females. For the most  
part, each parcellation unit (PU) of the neocortex corresponds to a  
single or a portion of a single gyrus. The volumes of each PU were  
computed for each brain. Subsets of PUs were also grouped so as to  
represent the neocortex for the frontal, temporal, parietal and  
occipital lobes. The coefficient of variation of the mean volume of  
total neocortex and that of the neocortex assigned to individual  
lobes cluster around 10%, whereas that of neocortex assigned to the  
individual gyri (PU) is more than twice that value. Approximately 80%  
of the total variance in gyral volume arises from determinants  
interactive for individual and specific gyri, while only  
approximately 10% of the total variance appears to be a reflection of  
uniform scaling to total neocortical volume. Sexual dimorphism  
contributes a pervasive though relatively small component of this  
variance. These results have implications for the study of structure- 
function correlation, and the proper statistical methods of handling  
volumetric data in morphometric studies. In addition, the nature of  
the covariance structure of the data will lead to future hypotheses  
regarding the relationships between the various potential genetic and  
epigenetic gyral influencing factors.

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