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[HCLSIG] Task template

From: Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:11:26 -0500
Message-Id: <2BB8BF11-9D48-4F47-83B3-59110983C4FA@gmail.com>
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org

A fairly literal translation of Tanya's template is at http:// 

You can use it when creating a new page. Typically, the way one  
creates a new page is to put a link to it in some existing page. Then  
when one clicks on the link you are brought to a page that says  
something like:

This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use  
one of the page templates. Before creating the page, please check if  
a similar page already exists

In the list below "Page templates" you will see HclsigTaskTemplate.  
Click on that and you will be given a page with the template inserted.

For the BioRDF group I've created the page http://esw.w3.org/topic/ 

To create a new task one would edit this page, type in a new link  
like this:

<space>*["/Name of the task"]

Then save the page.

Click on the new link "Name of the task" and you will be brought to  
the aforementioned page.

I've also created two new "Categories". These are tags that can be  
used on pages so that one can quickly find all pages with the same  
category. The two categories are CategoryHclsig, which you can just  
put at the bottom of any page that has to do with the activities of  
this group (I've put it on a number of pages already) and  
CategoryHclsigTask, for task descriptions. If you use the  
HclsigTaskTemplate then it automatically fills in these two  
categories at the bottom of the page.


People interested in the template per se can edit http://esw.w3.org/ 
topic/HclsigTaskTemplate. In particular it would be useful to write  
some comments (lines beginning with "##" won't be seen on rendered  
wiki page) describing what the various fields in the template mean.

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