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Introductions Staff Contact

From: Brian Gilman <gilmanb@pantherinformatics.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 09:57:01 -0500
Message-Id: <A9D072C7-22D8-4A77-8464-7A8D2105605A@pantherinformatics.com>
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org

Hello Everyone,

	My name is Brian Gilman. I will be your staff contact at the W3C. I  
have 4 specific interests in the semantic web:

	1) To allow inter/intra organization data transmission across databases
	2) To build rich data mining toolkits based on semantic web technology
	3) Enable the direct transmission from databases of clinical data to  
doctors and researchers around the world in a format that is   
immediately understood and interpreted by those in a pre-clinical/ 
clinical laboratory
	4) To mine and infer new relationships in data found in public/ 
private databases

	I have a background in computer science and biochemistry. I was the  
informatics team leader of the functional genomics  department at the  
Whitehead Institute for 5 years under Dr. Jill Mesirov and Dr. David  
Altshuler. I was also a team member of the JRun team at Allaire  
Corporation (now Adobe Systems).  I am now the president of the  
consulting firm Panther Informatics Inc. At Panther, we have been  
applying sophisticated data mining and semantic web technologies  
(using the Jena toolkit) to aid organizations such as the ALS  
foundation and Partners Healthcare in their translational medicine  
programs. We are also working with the National Cancer Institute and  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and some small biotechnology companies  
here in Cambridge on similar projects.

	I was pleased with the  amount of energy and participation during  
our first phone call as well as the number of people who  
participated. I encourage you to let other parties inside and outside  
your organization know about the mailing list, phone calls and face- 
to-face meetings we have planned. As my ex-boss used to say, more  
nodes in the network are always a good thing.

	I will be sending the minutes of the last meeting to the mailing  
list in a few minutes. Thanks for all your input, enthusiasm. I know  
this group will be doing some fantastic and exciting work in the near  


											Brian Gilman

Brian Gilman
President Panther Informatics Inc.
E-Mail: gilmanb@pantherinformatics.com
AIM: gilmanb1
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