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New SW-LS web-site

From: <Eric.Neumann@aventis.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 11:40:21 -0500
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We have collected some of our current activities and SW resources, and put
them together on a site- http://www.biopathways.org/semweb/

Our current activities ( http://www.biopathways.org/semweb/index.html#forums
) include:

- a use-case around organizing complex transcriptional data in RDF and using
it to infer how alternative splice variants may be related to diseases.
- use of RDF (N3 in the example) to build structured annotations around a
drug target model
- a description of Nature's Urchin Project, which is based on RDF/RSS
- how RDF can be used with the BioPAX ontology to aggregate pathway facts and
infer new relations.

We are posting these examples so that others can try them for themselves, and
contribute back to the site with their own ideas and use cases. Ideas for
additional functionality or resource information are welcomed!


Eric Neumann, Ph.D.

Global Head of Knowledge Management
Aventis - DI&A
Tel:   908-231-3510
Fax:  908-231-3307
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