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[PRD] new version on Wiki

From: Christian De Sainte Marie <csma@fr.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 19:26:03 +0100
To: public-rif-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF020B125D.597377E7-ONC12576C0.006396EF-C12576C0.0065450C@fr.ibm.com>
All, (and esp. Gary, Adrian, Paul, Changhai and Mark)

I updated the PRD draft with the changes wrt Modify and Retract:
- I called the primitive PRD actions: simple actions, and I defined them 
as being either atomic actions (simple actions that represent atomic 
transactions) or compound actions (simple actions that represent 
predefined, fixed sequences of atomic actions);
- to avoid having to take the different kinds of simple actions into 
account in the semantics of rules and rule sets, I said that the semantics 
is specified, without loss of generality, for the after they have been 
normalized by replacing all the compound actions by the equivalent 
sequence of atomic actions (in addition to the normalization by splitting 
disjunctive conditions into separate subrules). As a consequence, I 
renamed the section Rules with disjunctive conditions into: Rules 
normalization [1].
- I introduced a new variant of the syntax of Retract: Retract(<frame> 
"all"), for the atomic action that retracts all the frames with the same 
object and the same attribute as <frame>;
- I modified the XML syntax of Retract accordingly, by adding an optional 
attribute "allValues", with type xs:boolean and default value = "true".

I updated the whole text accordingly, changing atomic action for simple 
action where relevant, etc. I also updated the XSD.

See the diff between the current version and the CR version [2].

As I wrote yesterday, I did not do the editorial changes required to move 
the new definition of PR system state in the right place to avoid forward 
references, so that the diff shows only the essential changes.

Please, let me know asap if you agree with the changes: As soon as I have 
enough consensus (that's probably Gary, Adrian, Changhai and Paul :-) I 
will do the additional editorial changes and freeze the doc.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wiki/PRD#Rules_normalization



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