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RE: Congratulations on Christian's and co. courage

From: Paul Vincent <pvincent@tibco.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 12:47:42 -0700
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To: "Alex Kozlenkov" <alex.kozlenkov@betfair.com>
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As this qu is CEP-related, I guess I should give an answer too.

1. Gary is correct from the logical perspective, of course.

2. Events can be duplicates either in their transmission or their

In middleware terms, it is normally the responsibility of the middleware
to ensure duplicates don't happen! 

In event terms, though, I can receive multiple events which signify the
same information. For example I may be polling a hardware device and
getting the same result, or someone may hit the "Buy" button in their
web browser twice. 

In the latter case, there are 2 order events but they represent the same
order, so there might be some rules / logic in the system to handle this
(de-dupe). Those rules could presumably be represented in RIF, e.g.

If ?BetA and ?BetB occur within 5 secs of each other AND sameContent(
?BetA, ?BetB)
Then // assume BetB is a dupe
?BetB.dupe = TRUE, ?BetB.IsDupeOf = ?BetA, ?BetB.Status = invalid.


Paul Vincent
TIBCO | Business Optimization | Business Rules & CEP

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> no such thing as 2 identical facts.  Relations are sets.  Frames have
> unique OID.
> Note that PRD currently has no way to create a new object, and that is
> problem we need to fix.
> Alex Kozlenkov wrote:
> > And one more comment about the minimality I'm discussing in my
> > post. This is not an idle question. If there exist two identical
> > will there be two actions executed or only one? In the language
> > for event processing that the JBoss guys are developing, I was
trying to
> > understand whether A<=B,C given B and C matching incoming events, if
> > was detected twice, would the action A be executed twice? What I
mean is
> > that there may be situation when we want to only detect one
situation so
> > that the sequence of events CCB should execute A only once.
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