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[UCR] Review UCR (action-624)

From: Adrian Paschke <Adrian.Paschke@gmx.de>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 22:15:47 +0100
Cc: public-rif-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20081116211547.257390@gmx.net>
To: cleo@us.ibm.com, gary.hallmark@oracle.com, Harold.Boley@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca, kifer@cs.stonybrook.edu

Stella, Gary, (and Michael and Harold),

I already incorporated most of your comments in the new version of RIF UCR. 

You both noted for use case 4.2 


that there are many places that use "nested frame syntax" and that this is illegal, e.g., ex:provide("eShop" ?buyer[ex:card->?x ex:addr->?y]).  

However, the proposed solution 

   ?buyer[ex:card->?x ex:addr->?y] 
    ex:provide("eShop" ?buyer)
is incorrect, too. It would mean that we need two facts to fire the rule (for a production rule) or prove the two goals (for derivation rules). 

Moreover, the formalization of the rules without nested frames (or nested functions) becomes very verbose, as you can see in 4.2. For instance, the definition of the customer object "Alice" which becomes a very complicated rule without nested frames. 

 ex:Alice[ex:card -> ?card ex:deliveryAddr -> ?deliveryAddr] :-  
   ?Date = ex:Date[ex:month -> 12 ex:year -> 2012]  
   ?Person = ex:Person[ex:lastname -> "Sure" ex:firstname -> "Alice"]  
   ?Street = ex:Street[name -> "North Street" number -> 111]  
   ?card= ex:Card[ ex:type -> "Visa" 
                            ex:holder ->  ?Person 
                            ex:number -> "123456789" 
                            ex:code -> "123" 
                            ex:expiry -> ?Date 
  ?deliveryAddr = ex:DeliveryAddress[ ex:name -> ?Person 
                                                        ex:street -> ?Street 
                                                        ex:postal_code -> "NE3456" 
                                                        ex:city -> "New York" 
                                                        ex:country -> "USA" 

Any ideas?


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