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Re: [DTB] Remaining editor's notes...

From: Jos de Bruijn <debruijn@inf.unibz.it>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 11:23:17 +0100
Message-ID: <491C0015.1060308@inf.unibz.it>
To: Axel Polleres <axel.polleres@deri.org>
CC: "Public-Rif-Wg (E-mail)" <public-rif-wg@w3.org>

Axel Polleres wrote:
> 1)
> "Editor's Note: The following treatment of built-ins which may have
> multiple arities is a strawman proposal currently under discussion in
> the working group."
> waiting for the issue, this issue will remain for the moment.
> 2)
> "Editor's Note: The working group is currently discussing, whether in
> addition to adopting the fn:compare function from [XPath-Functions], own
> predicates pred:string-equal, pred:string-less-than,
> pred:string-greater-than, pred:string-not-equal,
> pred:string-less-than-or-equal, pred:string-greater-than-or-equal not
> defined in [XPath-Functions] shall be introduced, following the
> convention of having such predicates for other datatypes."

This issue has not been resolved. Therefore, the editor's note should
not be removed.
It should be kept to remind us that there is still something to discuss.

As a general rule, I do not think that editors of documents should
decide on issues that are still under discussion in the working group.
I luckily caught this message, but there might have been other such
notices that I missed.

Best, Jos

> Added.
> further to come.

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