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Last call issues

From: Chris Welty <cawelty@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 10:03:41 -0400
Message-ID: <480B4D3D.5080903@gmail.com>
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We are close.  Some intensive effort for the next month.5 and we will have a 
very nice set of documents.

Christian and I have created and are maintaining for the purposes of organizing 
the final discussions a wiki page 

That page lists the items remaining for discussion before the end of May (our 
target last call date).  Procedurally we will be maintaining this page and will 
be putting proposed resolutions for the upcoming telecon here.  For each bullet 
item on the list, a formal issue has been opened (if none existed).  I also went 
through the BLD and RDF+OWL documents and ensured all the editors notes appear 
as issues on the issues list and in this todo list.

For each item on the todo list, we'd like to decide as a group to CLOSE the 
issue (typically this means solving the issue by making some choice), POSTPONE 
the issue (this means the issue will no longer be discussed in this phase of 
RIF, and is postponed to the next incarnation of the WG), or REMOVE the issue 
from the critical path (this means the issue will not be discussed before the 
BLD last call, but may still be discussed in this Phase of RIF after that).

The first thing I'd like everyone to do is scan the list and make sure there is 
nothing missing *that you believe should be critical path* (CP - critical path - 
means we will address it before the end of May).  Please don't edit the TODO 
page, send an email to the group.

The second thing I'd like everyone to do is mention the specific issue (e.g. 
ISSUE-101) you are discussing in the subject line of any new email.  This will 
help us to organize and track the discussions.


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