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<ChrisW>hassan, are you there?
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<DaveReynolds>Scribe: Dave Reynolds
<DaveReynolds>ScribeNick: DaveReynolds
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<DaveReynolds>Introduction session to F2F7
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<DaveReynolds>Objective of F2F is prepare next WD of BLD as early as poss in Oct in prep for next meeting in Boston
<ChrisW>I emailed around a seating chart for the meeting
<DaveReynolds>Planned order of topics on agenda on: http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/F2F7
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<DaveReynolds>First subsection: abstract syntax - BNF or ASN07?
<IgorMozetic>is there any dial-in?
* DaveReynoldsIgor - Chris is just setting it up
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<ChrisW>zakim, this is rif
<Zakim>ok, ChrisW; that matches SW_RIF(f2f)8:00AM
<ChrisW>zakim, who is on the phone?
<Zakim>On the phone I see [IBM]
<ChrisW>zakim, ibm is temporarily Meeting_Room
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<DaveReynolds>Sandro: last fall proposed notion of abstract syntax, developed asn06, demonstrated mapping to OWL and XMLSchema
<DaveReynolds>Sandro: Harold also wants a BNF style for the abstract syntax, also have UML diagram
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<DaveReynolds>Sandro: so have set of roughly equiv expressions for the abstract syntax, differnce is mostly editorial
<DaveReynolds>Sandro: one difference noted is that AEBNF doesn't explicitly mark ordered, apart from that the syntaxes are equivalent
<AxelPolleres>main problems in asn/ebnf are IMO: order, cardinality/optional, etc.
<DaveReynolds>csma: if they are indeed equivalent do we keep only one or do we have several with one normative?
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<DaveReynolds>csma: e.g. the AEBNF might be normative with the asn07 as informative because it is more readable
<DaveReynolds>Sandro: would lean to only having the XML Schema as normative, all else informative
<DaveReynolds>Jos: but the semantics ties to a specific syntax and so that syntax also has to be normative
<DaveReynolds>Harold: the semantics is given in presentation syntax so need semantics-preserving xform from ps to xml syntax
<DaveReynolds>csma: does the semantics need presentation syntax rather than abstract syntax?
<ChrisW>rrsagent, make logs public
<RRSAgent>I have made the request, ChrisW
<DaveReynolds>Michael: order by awkwardness - asn, abstract, presentation from hardest to easiest
<DaveReynolds>csma: are we sure they are equivalent?
<DaveReynolds>Sandro: no sure, believes so, not implemented converters for all cases
<DaveReynolds>csma: don't need complete equivalence just that the specification of RIF is same in each case
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