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Outcomes from Jan 30 telecon

From: Chris Welty <cawelty@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 17:39:34 -0500
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We passed a resolution today: we'll maintain the XML syntax(es) of RIF 
in a 2-step process, where step one will use asn06 (contingent on 
asn06 being defined as a subset of OWL Full or some other standard 
formalism) and step 2 is the precisely specified mapping from asn06 to 
XML (striped or stripe skipping or whatever).

The resolution has several important consequences, and leaves a few 
questions unanswered for the moment:

- The only real objection to the basic idea of an abstract syntax was 
that the particular tool we were using to specify it (asn06) has no 
special status.  Axel agreed to work with Sandro to help make the 
relationship between asn06 and some standard formal language (like 
e.g. OWL) precise.

- We discussed what to call the thing written in asn06 that will be 
maintained.  Candidates were "RIF abstract syntax" (which Sandro has 
been using), "RIF metamodel", and "RIF ontology".  I will use "RIF 
metamodel" below but it has not been decided.

- We discussed but did not resolve what of this would be normative. 
Possibilities include the asn06 "RIF metamodel" and the mappings to 
XML, some graphical representation of the "RIF metamodel", the XML 
syntax (striped or not), all of these, ...

- We did not discuss the actual "RIF metamodel" in asn06 for 
conditions that Sandro proposed.  The main point of Sandro's message 
is to demonstrate that we can automatically convert such a metamodel 
to XML syntax.

- We also touched a bit on the striped/skipped XML syntax question, 
but the focus was on reaching the resolution.

- One exciting element of this resolution is that the metamodel 
approach seems to fit nicely with our plans for RIFRAF.  The RIFRAF 
work may simply evolve into the metamodel for RIF extensions.


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