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[Fwd: European clocks moving to Summer Time this Sunday, 26 March]

From: Chris Welty <cawelty@frontiernet.net>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:58:32 -0500
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FYI below.

For RIF this means that for some (those whose local clocks change to 
summer time this weekend), next week's telecon only will be one hour 
later.  Ie in most of western Europe the telecon (March 28) will be at 
1800 instead of the usual 1700, while in the US (and Canada I suppose) 
the time will be the same.  Then the following week (April 4) the 
telecon will move to a new UT but the same local times as always (ie 
1100 New York, 1700 Paris).  As far as I know the world is back in sync 
after April 2.

Note that this is the default behavior simply because it is where the 
telecon bridge is located (Boston).


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Semi-annual reminder of the start of Daylight Savings Time -- aka
Summer Time -- coming soon.

Europe and the US are currently a week apart in moving the clocks
for Summer Time.  Europe moves this coming Sunday while the
US moves the following Sunday, 2 April.

Zakim teleconference times are all based on the US clocks.
So next week telecons that do not change
their Zakim time will be 1 hour *later* in Europe.

(i.e. if your telecon started at absolute time T but your clocked
jumped forward 1 hour, you'd see it at time T+1hour)

After 2 April [unchanged] teleconferences will be back on the
same relative local time for Europe.

The [1]teleconference calender is the authoritative source for
the Zakim schedule (this page is generated from the same
database that nightly downloads into the hardware).  The note
at the top of the page shows the default UTC time offset.

You will see that currently the calendar shows explicit UTC times
for teleconferences after 2 April as those are different from the
default (-5 hour offset) for telecons prior to 2 April.

[1] http://www.w3.org/Guide/1998/08/teleconference-calendar

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