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RE: exchanging OWL through RIF

From: Vincent, Paul D <PaulVincent@fairisaac.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 09:49:40 -0800
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At the very least this (Hoolet) is a "reasoning engine", determining (new logical) associations from (prior ontological, FOL?) statements.

The Rete-type of rule engine is more of a "decisioning engine" and expects to work against data. Sure, that data could be association information, but typically it is not the "is my brothers wife's brother my relative" type query (/rule).

I am still trying to work out how these worlds join (in a practical, useful way)...  

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>2. There are no FOL rule engines as far as I know. They currently exist on
>   paper only. It is not at all certain that there will be. So, what is your
>   target user group?
>	--michael  

Does Hoolet count? (For swrl):

We are currently working on extending Pellet to handle DL Safe rules and then 
SWRL. It will be a "native" SWRL engine and respect the FOL semantics. Various 
sorts of optimizations are planned.

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