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AGFA-UC001 RPGOntology/RPGRules

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AGFA-UC001 RPGOntology/RPGRules 

Radiology is one of those fast-advancing frontiers in modern
medicine in the last century. It is especially so with new
modalities and visualization technology adding to the repository
of radiological investigations treatment methods. The obviously
benefit of such radiological procedures is often compromised by
the harmful side effects of excessive radiations or is prohibited
by the high costs of a certain procedures.  Protocols and
guidelines are developed to safeguard the patients, as well as
to encourage best practices.

Rules and precautions are presented as a general rules for all
procedures. For example, in order to protect a foetus from
radiation, EU-RPG recommends mothers to avoid radiation at the
early stage of their pregnancy. The text in EU-RPG reads:
"Woman of reproductive age presenting for an examination in which
the primary beam irradiates directly, or by scatter, the pelvic
area (essentially any ionizing irradiation between the diaphragm
and the knees), or for a procedure involving radioactive isotopes,
should be asked whether they are or may be pregnant."

We have explored some implications in

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