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RE: Introductions

From: Vassilis Tzouvaras <tzouvaras@image.ntua.gr>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 23:20:37 +0200
To: <public-rif-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <005601c5f9e1$bc913d40$b50b6693@FARFALINA>
Alternate for IVML-NTUA, Attending F2F
--a bio summarizing experience you have that's relevant to the work of
this group
I am a senior researcher in Image Video and Multimedia Systems Lab of
National Technical University of Athens, Greece (IVML-NTUA). My main
research interests include knowledge representation, reasoning in
ontology and rule languages, and the combination of them with fuzzy
logic. More specifically, I am working on the representation and
reasoning aspects of fuzzy description logics. Furthermore, I am working
on the fuzzy extensions of SWRL. Recently, I joined the group of Fuzzy
RuleML, which aims at defining the framework for handling uncertainty in
My other research interests include multimedia analysis and annotation
using SemWeb technologies. I also participate in the Multimedia Task
Force of the Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment (SWBPD) working
group. The multimedia community has a clear interest in the outcome of
this WG. 
-- what you expect to get out of this WG
Firstly, a rule language that can be used in the web. Secondly, a rule
language that can be broadly used in research and industrial
applications.  It is very important for the rule language not only to be
based in existing SemWeb languages but also take advantage of previous
work in the area such as RuleML. Finally, a rule language that is easily
-- what you hope/expect to contribute.
My experience gained participating in Fuzzy RuleML, in several related
research projects, and in other W3C's related WGs. My main concern will
be in the core extensibility and logical extensions issues and more
specifically in uncertainty handling using fuzzy sets. Finally, I am
willing to offer my editorial and organisational skills.
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