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Re: Watermarking [Re: Campaign for position of chair and mandate to close this community group]

From: Duncan Bayne <dhgbayne@fastmail.fm>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 17:31:37 -0800
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To: public-restrictedmedia@w3.org
> I understand that's what you're trying to do, but that's different from
> what EME is trying to do. Instead our proposal is limited to
> standardizing the API to the components (CDMs) that implement solutions to the studio
> requirements.

I understand that.  What I'm saying is that EME is simply not an
acceptable addition to the Open Web, for reasons that have been
explained in detail, and with some repetition, on this list already.

What I'm hoping is that there might be an alternative to EME that would
satisfy all parties. 

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