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RE: [ANN] RDFa Developer (1.0b1): RDFa extension for firefox

From: Hondros, Constantine <Constantine.Hondros@wolterskluwer.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 22:32:10 +0200
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I think this is an excellent, well-constructed plugin and something that I have been hoping would turn up for a while.

My only suggestion is that you try to detect whether the page contains deliberate RDFa, for example whether it uses the RDFa DTD, or contains version="XHTML+RDFa 1.x", and don't report any triples if it doesn't conform. Otherwise your tool reports a jumble of triples in the XHTML vocab namespace that are of questionable semantic value.

I got very excited to see the BBC News home page sporting 16 triples, only to find it was mostly CSS links, favicons, and similar. Does the BBC home page contain RDFa? According to strict extraction rules, yes ... in real terms, nary a triple.

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Subject: [ANN] RDFa Developer (1.0b1): RDFa extension for firefox

(sorry for cross posting)

We are glad to announce the first public release of RDFa Developer, a firefox extension that helps you to correctly annotate web pages with RDFa.

This tool enables you to examine the RDFa markup, to query your data using SPARQL and to detect common pitfalls in the use of RDFa.

RDFa Developer is an open source tool that is available for download at: http://rdfadev.sourceforge.net. A short demonstration video is also available from the web page.

Your comments are very much appreciated.


Javier Pozueco.


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