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RDF-ISSUE-96 (XS/OWL2 datatypes): XML Schema and OWL2 custom datatypes [RDF Concepts]

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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 14:57:11 +0000
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RDF-ISSUE-96 (XS/OWL2 datatypes): XML Schema and OWL2 custom datatypes [RDF Concepts]


Raised by: Richard Cyganiak
On product: RDF Concepts

Should RDF Concepts link to the SWBP Note on XML Schema Datatypes in OWL and RDF?

And also to the OWL2 feature for defining custom datatypes?

This was originally raised by Richard Smith:

And updated here:

A proposal with some support was made here:

Note: The Web Ontology Language [OWL2] offers [facilities for formally defining custom datatypes](http://www.w3.org/TR/owl2-syntax/#Datatype_Definitions) that can be used with RDF. However, RDF implementations are not required to support these facilities.

But this doesn't cover the SWBP Note yet.

An open question is whether the SWBP Note, which dates from 2006, still reflects best practice.
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