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RDF-ISSUE-83 (HTML-rel-meta): RDF/XML: Incorrect reference for use of HTML rel="meta" [RDF General]

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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 15:57:08 +0000
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RDF-ISSUE-83 (HTML-rel-meta): RDF/XML: Incorrect reference for use of HTML rel="meta" [RDF General]


Raised by: Richard Cyganiak
On product: RDF General

The 2004 RDF/XML spec has a section on “Using RDF/XML with HTML and XHTML”:

This section states:

The DCMI has used and recommended rel="meta" when linking in RFC 2731 — Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML [RFC-2731]

However, flicking through RFC2731, I can't find any mention of rel="meta". So it seems that the reference is wrong:

I found a Dublin Core document that explicitly recommends rel="meta", but it is marked as SUPERSEDED, and I cannot find rel="meta" recommended in any of the documents that replace it:

So it may be the case that the DCMI no longer recommends the use of rel="meta".

I note however that rel="meta" is recommended by FOAF, GoodRelations, and W3C's “Cool URIs for the Semantic Web” document, and generally in fairly wide use. A roundup of links is here:

A separate question is whether this section should be in the RDF/XML spec at all, given that it's not syntax-specific. Maybe the Primer is a better place?
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