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Practicalities for the f2f

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 11:15:07 +0200
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To: W3C RDF WG <public-rdf-wg@w3.org>
== For the remote participants ==

The usual IRC channel should be used, as well as Zakim *except for the Zakim code*. For those two days the code will be  733941 "RDFWG1". The bridge has been reserved for both days for the duration of the meeting.

All the rest is for those who come to CWI, so you can stop reading:-)

== For the local participants ==

- The contact page of CWI[1] gives you some ideas on how to get here, with some maps (eg, [2]), too. You will all come (I presume) by public transport: that means either you go to the Amstel station and take the bus 240 or 40 (you have to go down the hall of the station from the tracks, and the buses are on the right side of the building; it is the final station of those buses leaving from the bus stop in the middle) or, if you come from the NH Hotel, for example, you will have to get off the tramway at the 'Kruislaan' station, to change for the same buses (the bus station is at the corner of the street of the tramways and Kruislaan, you will have to go towards the left relative from where you came from). You will have to get off the bus right after you go under a small railways station through a small tunnel (look at [2]). The bus 240 takes a right turn right after the tunnel (that is where you will get off), the 40 goes ahead and stops right after the crossing. [2] shows where CWI is.

- After all, there is no need for the names at the reception, but of course there is registration for the meeting in general. You still have to register at the reception because you will get a card to get you through the electronic gates.

- The meeting is in room L120, which is on the 1st floor (1st in the European and not the American sense, so you will have to go up the stairs once!). When you are in the building and have passed the gates, you go through a corridor on the right hand side, and then up the stairs.

- For the wireless, you will have to choose the 'CWI Gast' network, and you will have to login via a browser. Login name rdf passwd L120. I was told that all ports are open, ie, you should be able to do VPN if needed, IRC and SMTP ports is also o.k. There is (of course) no access to printer, if there is a need to print, I will have to do it.

- I will of course try to be here on time, but one may never know. Just to be on the safe side, here is the name and phone of the system guy who will be happy to help you if there are issues:

Arjen de Rijke
+31 20 592 4305 (if you use one of the phones in the institute, then 4305 is enough)
Room L330

I guess that is it...

Have a safe trip here!


[1] http://www.cwi.nl/general/Address
[2] http://www.cwi.nl/system/files/apr_2010_A5_plattegrond_SPA_Engels_web_def.pdf

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