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TAP software

From: Rob McCool <robm@robm.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 17:39:10 -0700
To: public-rdf-tap@w3.org
Message-ID: <20020702173910.A30886@flapjack.stanford.edu>

Hi everybody, I thought I'd give everybody an update on just where exactly
the TAP software is.

The work is coming along but not quite done yet. What work is that?

  * A Perl GetData client, and server for CGI programs to use. This is
  * A C-based GetData client, embedded into an Apache module which acts
    as a proxy.
  * A C-based Apache module which takes .rdf files you place in your document
    root, and pointers to remote .rdf files or MySQL databases, and answers 
    GetData queries on them.
  * A public GetData service for the TAP KB, which you can test against.
  * Download scripts for the TAP KB that export into RDF, DAML, plain text, 
    and MCF. 

This work is expected some time near the end of this week. I'll send an
announcement when the software is available and ready. You can expect some
dodginess, and a genuine lack of documentation which will be written soon. 
However, I expect them to be functionally complete.

What's upcoming?

  * A Java GetData client. This is a very popular demand.
  * Caching for the Apache-based GetData proxy.
  * Search in a box: The TAP Activity-based search demo, in a box so you
    can play with it and see how to build your own GetData based apps.
    This includes the ~50 scrapers we built for popular entertainment.
  * A Python client.
  * A variety of authoring tools and language comprehension tools.

The Java client I'm hoping to have out there by mid-June. 

Let me know via this list if you have questions, don't know what I'm talking
about, want to make sure your favorite feature is in there, etc.

Thanks, Rob
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