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ISSUE-197: SKOS Implementation: The Thesaurus of Greek Terms in SKOS

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ISSUE-197: SKOS Implementation: The Thesaurus of Greek Terms in SKOS


Raised by: Sean Bechhofer
On product: SKOS

Described in [http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swd-wg/2009Apr/0052.html]

As an answer to your request about possible SKOS implementations, we thought
you might be interested in our work, concerning the implementation of a
Thesaurus of Greek Terms in SKOS. It is a thesaurus originally published by
the National Documentation Centre in Greece and developed in SKOS by our
research team in the High Performance Information Systems Laboratory. We are
also working on expressing some semantic conditions, not yet expressed in
the current SKOS Schema, in OWL 2.


Requested details about the implemented SKOS thesaurus are given below.
Please, contact us in case any other information is needed.


Kind Regards,

Georgia Solomou



General Info


Vocabulary title: 

Thesaurus of Greek Terms


Name of person/organization responsible for the implementation:

Georgia D. Solomou - High Performance Information Systems Laboratory


List of the SKOS constructs used:














URL(s) of published SKOS data:



Additional Info


Scope: It is the first Thesaurus of Greek terms, published by the National
Documentation Centre (EKT) in Greece (http://www.ekt.gr). It includes a
controlled vocabulary of terms that clearly presents the vertical
(hierarchical) and horizontal associations between different concepts.
HPCLab is developing the SKOS representation of this thesaurus.


Size: 5227 terms


Primary Use:  First Thesaurus of Greek terms. It is a controlled vocabulary
covering general terminology. Mainly focusing on issues of Greek and
European interest. Medical terminology has been developed and incorporated
as well. Aiming at use/exploitation by Greek libraries. 


Language:  Greek, English 


More URLs: 

Additional info about this vocabulary at:



Freely available on the Web at:





Georgia D. Solomou, M.Sc. , Ph.D. candidate,

High Performance Information Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics

University of Patras

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