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Re: adding RDFa to HTML of a conference schedule

From: Ben Adida <ben@adida.net>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 19:12:42 -0700
Message-ID: <47F43D1A.5080302@adida.net>
To: Bob DuCharme <bob@snee.com>
CC: W3C RDFa task force <public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org>

Bob DuCharme wrote:
> I'm adding some RDFa markup to a web page showing a conference schedule 
> and wanted to hear any opinions on the general model I'm using.

Perfect, we'll want that in the Recipes wiki page :)

>         <td instanceof="cal:Vevent" about="http://snee.com/whatever/b1">

I don't know how much that @about buys you, really. You could just keep 
it as a bnode. You could make the URL in

>           <p><a href="http://snee.com/whatever/b1"

the description, using rel="cal:description" (depends on cal: 
vocabulary, but it seems okay to me.)

> I used the URL of the talks' description, which the original HTML links 
> to, as the talk's identity, and each talk has values for cal:dtstart, 
> cal:dtend, cal:location, cal:description, and dc:creator properties.

Technically, dc:creator should point to a node, not a literal, which may 
be a good thing actually because of your next requirement:

> If the speaker's company name had a link to their homepage, I could call 
> it a foaf:workplaceHomePage property,

So how about:

   <span rel="dc:creator">
     <span property="foaf:name">
        Frank Jones
     <a rel="foaf:worksplaceHomePage" href="...">

which includes a nice little bit of chaining?

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