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Re: Proposed solutions to RDF in XHTML

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:54:53 -0400
To: Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux <dom@w3.org>, public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org, connolly@w3.org, mimasa@w3.org
Message-Id: <200308251354.53881.reagle@mit.edu>

On Monday 18 August 2003 09:24, Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux wrote:
> 1. RDF in XHTML using a mix of schemas technologies, mainly proposed and
> developed by Masayasu [1]; this solution involves putting real RDF
> inside the XHTML Markup; the XHTML Markup could be validated using a
> schema validator

Right, the issue there was that I don't know what sort of doctype/namespace 
these documents would have. I don't think we could sneak it under any of 
the existing ones. Mimasa mentioned that folks were considering how to do 
modularization with non-DTDs, but I that's nascent work.

> 2. RDF expressed in XHTML, where the RDF content would be extractable
> from an XHTML document using a well-defined process (such as XSLT); this
> solution has been championned by Dan Connolly [2]

The issue here is whether we could ask RDF applications to support an "input 
transform" mechanism, with XSLT as an obvious option?
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