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query test case coverage (ACTION-494)

From: Gregory Williams <greg@evilfunhouse.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 16:51:35 -0400
Message-Id: <AD996F93-F167-486C-81C3-A295B3617E9E@evilfunhouse.com>
To: SPARQL Working Group <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>
I've just gone through the tests for query functions (and function-like operators) and am happy with the current state of things. I added tests for IF, COALESCE, and the hash functions over unicode (testing that the functions work over utf8 encoding). I'd be happy for others to take a look at the new tests (all in the functions/ directory):


In going over the test coverage, I also noticed that we don't currently have any tests for the positive case of EXISTS. I've added this as needing tests on the TestSuiteCoverage page.

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