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Fwd: [DAIS-WG] WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying Public Comments

From: Carlos Buil Aranda <cbuil@fi.upm.es>
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 08:59:36 -0400
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To: SPARQL Working Group <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>
Dear all,

I participate in the Database Access and Integration Services WG (DAIS-WG)
at the Open Grid Forum and the group created a spec for querying SPARQL.
This spec is a set of WSDL interfaces for accessing RDF (including SPARQL
1.1 update). Could any of you have a look a it and provide some comments?

thank you :)


The document:

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From: Isao KOJIMA <kojima@ni.aist.go.jp>
Date: 2011/6/7
Subject: [DAIS-WG] WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying Public Comments
To: dais-wg@ogf.org


We are very happy to announce that our new WS-DAI spec realization
called WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying which is submitted this April,
is now approved for  60 days public comment phase starting from 6th June.

This spec aims to provide SPARQL access within the WS-DAI specification
framework while satisfying as much compatibility with related W3C standards.

If interested, please check the OGF public comments page or go directly to:


ANY comments are GREATLY welcome.  :-).

BTW, we are still working for yet another spec for RDF which supports
ontological access APIs to RDF data resources. If anyone of you has
the interest in this topic, we are also happy for your contribution in
any style.

Isao Kojima and Oscar Corcho
DAIS Working Group Co-Chairs

Isao Kojima
Leader, Service-ware Research Group
Information Technology Research Institute
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